Rose Temple Balm (4oz)

  • Rose Temple Balm (4oz)
  • Rose Temple Balm (4oz)

This luxurious balm is hand-crafted with love and intention to help calm the mind, open the heart, and nourish the body. Lush and buttery, this vegan, organic balm is a beautiful addition to any self-care routine and is perfect for anywhere you need deep moisture.

Ingredients: Rose Petals, Rose Hip Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Beet Root, Madder Root, Essential Oils of Pink Lotus, Rose Otto, Chamomile, Helichrysum, Yarrow, Spikenard, Cardamom, and Manuka.

"Weave with me brothers and sisters of the rose-heart-temple of splendor, all the forgotten dreams of longing, all the reassuring stories of forgiveness, and happy endings won from pursuing the threads of your inner-heart’s desire wherever they lead because these verses are here to remind you that at the center of the woven-spiral of your forgotten destiny is the the one jewel of the beloved who is calling back to you and no matter in which way love is forged, and only as long as it is forged it burns brightly on both sides of the thread and no matter how far the thread spans and over whatever forsaken territory, it always meets in a fire of the greatest splendor in the middle." ~ A Rose