Botanical Face Serum (1.1 oz)

$15.00 - $125.00
  • Botanical Face Serum (1.1 oz)
  • Botanical Face Serum (1.1 oz)

Our Botanical Face Serum is made with healing herbs and oils to deeply nourish, moisturize and harmonize your skin. This cult favorite blend is the ultimate in natural skincare.
Apply a dab of Botanical Face Serum on clean, dry skin and gently massage onto your face or body any time for a beautiful, wearable natural glow or under preferred makeup. Appropriate for all skin types, this raw, organic serum is great for everyone!

Pairs beautifully with our Daily Protection Serum for nighttime and the Botanical Face Serum to carry you gorgeously through your days!

Ingredients: Oil infusion of Rose, Calendula,
Comfrey, Lavender & Plantain,
Organic Oils of Coconut, Argan, Jojoba,
Olive, Rose Hip, Carrot Seed & Ylang Ylang.

I was visiting NYC back in April and happened to stumble upon your farm stand at the union square farmers market. I took a chance and bought your botanical facial serum and it is beyond words amazing!! I worked on an olive and herb farm for many years out here in Northern California and experimented with making oils myself, but woah hats off to you guys.

The miracle of the story really ends with my friend who used it while I was visiting her last week-- in the last month she has developed a rare skin disease called red skin syndrome, as a reaction to years of using topical steroids for misidentified eczema and finally calling it quits. Its a terrible syndrome that dries, swells, burns, oozes, you name it all over your body's skin and basically immobilizes people (she even had to take a medical leave from work for the next few months). Long story short she used the serum and said it was the best she had felt in months, maybe years to sooth the pain and moisturize her broken skin!!! She has literally tried hundreds of products over the years, so this was music to my ears!
~Aimee, Oakland, CA

I just wanted to share that I found your amazing face serum one Friday afternoon while going from job to job in NYC (I teach yoga!) ...
And it's awesome - but I wanted to be in touch because I was in a horrible boat accident about 10 days ago and needed stitches on my face and knee. A plastic surgeon didn't see me so my doctor told me that my face would heal horribly 😞
But I'd been using your serum since the wound closed and it's been looking better and better every day!!!! So just wanted to THANK YOU! 🙂
~Lisa B, NYC