Intuitive Jewelry Kit


This jewelry kit is perfect for fashionistas and crystal-lovers alike!
In addition to the Tiger’s Eye bracelet and a Selenite heart for clearing the crystals inside, there is a necklace and cage with seven interchangeable stones for personalizing your look and vibes. All of that comes in a beautiful, fun heart-shaped gift box.

At the farm, we love using this kit as an intuition building exercise! To do it, we allow ourselves to pick one of the stones to wear, then look at the description of the stone’s energy to see what we’re needing in our day.
Whether to match your outfit or match your mood, you’re sure to come back to this kit over and over 💕

- Cord Necklace with clasp & metal cage pendant
-BLOODSTONE - wisdom, physical healing work, intuition and guidance
-BLUE CALCITE - excellent for affirmations, moon-work, inner peace and speaking your truth
-CARNELIAN - physical vitality, strength, and self- confidence
-CITRINE - abundance, happiness & prosperity. Citrine is known as the money stone!
-DESERT ROSE - clarity, calmness, and focus
-ONYX - grounding and protective, helps you shine bright without fear
-RAINBOW MOONSTONE - building intuition, dreaming, building psychic sensitivity
- a SELENITE heart - Selenite clears the energy around it and is excellent for clearing and charging other crystals and jewelry!
- a TIGER’S EYE Bracelet - Tiger’s Eye is a stone of strength, intuition, and self-esteem