ᗷHAVA Anointing Oil


ᗷhava, Sanskrit for Origin, Becoming, & Being, embodies the feel & fragrance of this sensual oil.

This handcrafted organic essential oil fragrance brings us back to our roots. It soothes and grounds, reminiscent of the majesty of deep woods and sacred nature spaces. ᗷHAVA reminds us of those sacred, untouched spaces within ourselves.

ᗷHAVA Anointing Oil features sacred Tonka Bean, warming Tobacco, rich Sandalwood, and notes of earthy Balsam, Cypress and Cocoa.
Organic Jojoba, Rose Hip, and Evening Primrose oils nourish the skin while the fragrance fills the senses. Bhava is a rich, deep fragrance for all to enjoy! It’s a beautiful, mellow counterpart to our Bhakti Anointing Oil.

Each bottle is lovingly accented with a fresh Cypress frond and a Shungite crystal chip to amplify the sacred strength within.

<< Twee Tip >>
We love working with the Anointing oils on pulse points, like wrists, behind the ears, throat, & at the Heart’s center!